Thank you Simwood eSMS

Please join us in thanking Simwood eSMS for their support of the Voip User SIP Service of the past periode.

Although both Dean and I didn’t have any resource to work on VoIP User over the last few years, thanks to Simwood eSMS we have been able to offer the availability of the SIP proxy (and this webpage) up near continuously to our existing users for this periode.

I would also like to take the opportunity to ask you to contact me if you want us to continue to provide this service and if you have any requests/idea’s of extending the project.

Kind regards,


New Proxy

We have moved to our new proxy.

People who where using IP instead of DNS please make sure you update your config. People using DNS ( should automatically be migrated over to the new proxy.

Next step will be to migrate over the Numbers that mapped to our users, followed by iNum.

We are looking to offer the numer Portal again as well but please be patient as this will take some more time.

I also would like to thank to Daniel Mierla from Asipto for his continuous help.



Working our way back

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to let you guys know we are working on a new VoIP User website.

In the mean time Daniel did update our SIP Proxy to the latest kamailio version, so if you have any issue’s do let us know.

The current status of VoIP User is that the SIP Proxy is up and all SIP user accounts should still be active. We are actively looking at (re)building a website now and then we will have a look at bringing back our other features bit by bit.

We hope to be able to serve you will a full feature system again in the near future.


The VoIP User admin team